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What is a Learning Tour?

The Art of Seeing the sites, while actually learning something worthwhile. 

Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime
— Ancient Proverb

Eastern Carolina is home to some of the most amazing sights in the world.

The Ponies of Shackleford Banks have been wooing sight seers for the last three centuries, the waterfowl and dolphin have called sailors and watermen to the sea for generations and the stars in the sky seem to stretch from sea to shining sea.

The Lighthouses of Carolina stand tall guarding over the Graveyard of the North Atlantic and the ICW comes to a cross roads here as flights of sea birds and vessel captains alike make their turn to head North or South in their annual migration.

The Carolina Coast is also a stop-over for the endangered Right whale, 1000's of species of shore birds and a wide assortment of gulf stream pelagic fish. 

(For more about how wonderful this area is, please have a look at our blog,)

And so with that in mind, we ask our clients, would you rather sit back and let someone else do the sailing,

or would you rather take the helm and learn how to sail for yourself? 

That is what a Learning Tour is, we engage you in the process and thanks to our specialized fleet of sailing craft, we can sail to places not accessible by most vessels. That means when we get there, not only do you know how you got to your desired destination, you know how to come back with your own vessel at a later date and have the skills to do so.

On our sailing adventures, you will find the peace and solitude only  Eastern Carolina's most remote destinations can offer. 

Our Learning Tours will take you to places you have only heard about, and see things you have only read about. 

And the best part, you will have the helm on your adventure. so...... 

Chose your own adventure? 

Celestial Sailing- A night time tour around Carrot Island (4-5 hrs)

Dolphin and Pony Tour- A Day time tour of Land and Sea (4-5 hrs)

Shack and Back- A  tour out to Shackleford (4 hours)

On to Cape Lookout- A full day sail out to Cape Lookout (8-10 hours)

INSHORE ADVENTURES- (8-10 hours or Overnight, or WEEKLY)


Offshore Adventures-    (8-10 hours or Overnight, or WEEKLY)

Sail out to the Gulf Stream for the day or down the coast to Charleston

All Trips up to 6 passengers

HALF DAY: (approx 4 to 5 hrs)

$ 450.00 to $600.00

FULL DAY: (approx 11 hrs)

$ 1400.00 to $ 1750.00

OVERNIGHT: (Approx 32 hours)


Weekly Rate:


Destinations are based on student interest, ability and weather conditions.

Food and beverages may be provided for additional fee. Ask about our Menu Options.