The Team

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 We are Captain Christopher and Jennifer German. We met just over a year ago and have spent the last year preparing to set sail and hit the road. We were married in December 2017 and are preparing to embark on the voyage of a lifetime, we're calling the "Waltzing Matilda" Lifestyle. 

Capt Christopher German, at the helm

Capt Christopher German, at the helm

The Captain 

Captain Christopher German has over 30 years of experience teaching on the water. As a child, he grew up on Long island Sound and always knew that water was in his future. He learned to sail with the Sea Scouts on the Housatonic River and that lead him to try the US Coast Guard Academy for a career.

He quickly realized that writing was more to his liking  and earned his bachelors in journalism from UCONN and his masters in communication from Boston University where he began a career in TV and Radio. While in school he discovered his love for sailing and his desire to share it with the world and upon graduation decided to leave TV and Radio in favor of teaching sailing full time. 

German taught at various yacht clubs and schools before founding a non-profit boating program called Connecticut Community Boating in 2007 where he built two waterfront facilities in Bridgeport, CT and was named a National Maritime Hero Finalist by US Sailing for his work with youth sailing. He has also coached several high school and college teams including Fairfield University and Wesleyan as well as took the Fairfield Prep Boys Sailing Team to national ranking where several of his students have gone on to compete nationally and internationally at the College and Olympic levels. 

German is versed in all aspects of vessel ownership, both power and sail.. He is a 100 ton master with Sail Aux, STWC 95, towing and is a approved 200 ton Instructor for the USCG. He currently teaches Masters and OUPV licensing at Carteret Community College. While he is now a Nautic ED instructor, German is certified to teach the full curriculum of US Sailing and Powerboating including cruising , keelboat, small boat and powerboating. He is a safe boating instructor for the State of Connecticut and has experience in Diesel and Outboard repair and maintenance, fiberglass repair, rigging and welding, painting, carpentry, electrical and marine plumbing. He is also an avid photographer, certified chef and award winning Videographer and writer. 

Capt German currently calls Beaufort, NC his home but aims to set sail with his wife soon and see where the road and tide will lead them. 


Miss Jennifer

Jennifer, Our Admin in Chief and First Mate

Jennifer, Our Admin in Chief and First Mate

Jennifer German is a long time boating enthusiast with a knack for business management. As our Administrator in Chief,  Jennifer takes care to keep the wind in our sails. Growing up as a military brat, Jennifer spent  her youth traveling the US and Europe, landing in Maryland where she started her family as part of the National Weather Service family. Her experiences as a boat owner and as a NWS spouse have given her a great eye for the weather and the wind. Her favorite places to travel include the South West where she had a chance to live in Flagstaff and get an education in Southwestern cooking and become a business owner. She began her Sailing career with Captain German and is working her way though the NauticEd system as a student and first mate and looks forward to sharing her vision for the mobile lifestyle in her restored 1970 Airstream Travel Trailer, "Tillie"


(More to come- ask Jennifer to get to writing!!!!)







Buxton closeup.jpg


Buxton Danforth German- Our Little GIRL!

Yes she's a girl, even though she looks, and acts and is named like a boy! But a rose by any other name would be just as sweet as this little lady. Buxton is a 10 year old lab-weimaraner mix. She was rescued as a puppy by the New Jersey Puppy Rescue and there is only one like her in the world. She has a passion for eating chunks of wood, never met a slice of bacon she didn't like and even warms up to the kitties every so often, (but usually she just turns her head and hides when they come in the room).  If you are not a fan of dogs, we fully understand, but if you wouldn't mind, Buxton would love to join you on your sailing adventure as she was raised on boats and even has webbed toes! Please let us know in advance if you would prefer your sailing lesson sans Buxton. But as we are a dog-friendly organization, we welcome you to introduce us to your puppy on your sailing adventure (if they are super well behaved and you want them to learn to sail) because life at sea without a dog is DRY! 






Tillie, The 1970 Airstream Travel Trailer









Our Family 

Jennifer, Buxton and Mollie Dog at the Beach

Jennifer, Buxton and Mollie Dog at the Beach

And so we launch this page dedicated to promoting the lifestyle we aim to live and through it we hope to share our travels, share our adventures and share the tips and tricks we acquire as we set out to live the "Waltzing Matilda" life.