We are working to join much of the Industrialized world with a global effort in Banning Plastics. But we're starting where we live in the Best little waterfront town in America, .......  Beaufort, NC. 

WE DO NOT feel anyone should be forced to adopt a plastics free lifestyle, but we also feel it is in all our own best interests to say, "we prefer no plastic."

While we hope the Political forces will enact progressive policies to help stem the flow of plastic pollution on a local, state and national basis, we believe it is an individual choice that every home, business and organization must make to choose alternatives to petroleum based materials such as plastic bags, straws and polystyrene products such as solo cups. 

By choosing a plastic-free lifestyle, you are helping quell our thirst for oil. helping reduce non-point sources of pollution and helping protect our Oceans and wildlife and its easy to do. 

When you shop, bring your own bags. When you eat out, tell them you don't need a straw. And when you need a drink, use a reusable container. That's it. 


If you work at a store, ASK your customers if they want a bag. If you are a server, don't throw three straws on the table with their drinks when there are only two people. And if you can, make your business as plastic free as you can. All you have to do is TRY.  

By taking personal responsibility, making good choices such as choosing an alternative to plastics, we will make plastics unnecessary and help us all Ban the Bag in Beaufort and Beyond for better world and healthier Ocean

Join us on Earth Day 2018 April 22, 2018 at The Olde Beaufort Farmers Market when we will be on hand to talk about our initiative, learn how you can help and spread the word about our effort to Ban the Bag in Beaufort and Beyond.


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